Friday, January 18, 2008

The Blog I Missed

1. Some things that concerns me... would have to be the drug use among my peers... Also the alcohol use. This is really big because it gives other generations a bad idea of OUR generation. I personaly don't agree with all of this drug use... i guess some is ok but not like too much.

2. My boyfriends is so outgoing! I wish I had that and that what makes him dynamic... He once got a tattoo that was totally spontaneous!

3. I don't really know any art work that has inspired me. I know what they are but not the NAMES! Poetry really inspires me and if i'm in the mood i like to go to the art museum and look at different stuff and really think about what they were thinking when they painted this or whatever.



When I went to publish my post and it said there was an error and so I went back and it was all.... GONE!!!


Monday, January 7, 2008

An Unexciting Blog

1. One princible that guides me through life would have to be more than just one thing. My family is really important to me. Unlike some of my friends I do have a close relationship with my mom and my dad and actually my brother. They are the one of the biggest influences in my life just because I have a close relationship with them. Another princible would be my friends because with out them I'm seriously nothing. They know my past, my present, and will know my future. The last princible that guides me would be my boyfriend. I'm with him probably 24/7. Most of the time my plans are revolved around him.

2. I really personally don't read the news very often but I would have to say that the bridge collapsing did affect me because it was so sudden and no one expected it. And since it was so close to me it had a bigger affect. I mean 9/11 had really no affect on me because first i was in 6th grade and 2nd it didn't happen in Minnesota. Anything that happens in Minnesota has more of an affect on me just because it's pretty much just around the corner.

3. One thing that I wish to accomplish this 2008 would be my independence. Not just from my parents but from others too. I feel that I'm relying on my friends and boyfriend for happiness and i know for a fact that that isn't good. And with college coming soon I really need to work on it.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Toward the future/from the past

1. Well first of all at first I hated writing this play, I thought it was lame and had no point to it. I had no idea how to start my play it was annoying and frustrating. But when I did start going to it, it came easily. I knew what I wanted to write but just didn't know how to put it down on paper. But when I did all of my ideas came back and I just went with the flow. I think that my play is really strong and is up to date with issues in society. I mean lesbians in high school would be dramatic and fun to read about or watch.

2. I have only one idea for my personal essay and that is... MY BACK SURGERY! YAY! That is always what I write about when we need to write something personal.. Is that what it's supposed to be? Would back surgery be ok to write about? I really don't know. But it's non-fiction and I would have a lot of details to write about and it would be easy. I really don't have any other ideas. I could write about getting caught smoking in 9th grade on the last day of school but that could be inapropriate for school. But it's always an idea. Does this have to have a moral? Because the smoking idea would have a moral but not the back surgery... well it could be... don't get scoliosis... but I really don't think that would work. Other than those two ideas I have nothing... any ideas?

3. If I were to talk to a younger kid s/he would have to be 10 years of age because I don't think a 5 year old could take in all of my advice. My advice would have to come from my experiences and others. I know a lot of people that have gotten into more sh** than I have and I would base my advice off of that. I would probably tell them to be loose but not too loose. To have fun but know you're limits. Of course this would go into affect in middle school or highschool not elementary. When this kid, I'm giving advice to, gets into high school I would have to tell them to have a proper balance. Because if you're uneven you'll most likely fall. And you don't want to fall you want to SUCCEED!


Monday, December 10, 2007

the playwrite blog

1. Theme is important in what you write because it shows what the play is about and how the writer came to it. It's the main point of the story. If you didnt have a plot then you wouldnt know what the story is about. The theme gives the reader or audience member the moral of the story. A great piece of literature does need to express an idea or else it will go nowhere and just confuse the audience. Theme tells the whole story in a sentence. You can't have a story without a theme or it won't be a story. The series, Gossip Girl, does have a theme and its the lifestyle of the rich and famous teens.

2. What causes a great book to live forever is if people want to read it. Then if people want to read it they will go tell other people and those people will want to read it and then it will get around and it will become legendary. Books with good themes become like that a lot. A book that becomes legendary is a book with a good theme and tells a good story that people will tell on to the next generation and tell their friends.

3. If I could make an impact on the world I would love to find a cure for Aids or the common cold or some sort of deathly cancer. This would change the world forever and they would remember me for being the on who found it. It would be long-lasting because for the rest of the generations would have no aids, no colds and no cancer. And if I did find a cure more scientists can go off of my data and find new cures for other risks around the world.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1. I would have to define happiness by having someone or something creating joy in your life. It would have to remove any doubt you have or sadness. Some people have happiness come in the form of doing good for others.

2. Happiness comes in many different forms for me. My friends do always make me smile and if I can smile and laugh and have a good time then I'm happy. My friends are always there for me and when I am down they can bring my mood back up which is amazing because I tend to get mad mood swings. Also my boyfriend makes me happy, sometimes, but mostly always. I don't know how he does it but he has a special way to cheer me up and make my day. Food makes me happy also. Like these peacan bars that I make... oh my god they are so good. I'm always excited to eat them. I can never be in a bad mood when I make them.

3. Like I said my friends make me happy as well as my boyfriend and family. They influence me a lot because I'm always around them. It's very rare for me if I don't see atleast one of my friends or boyfriend every day. And I always see my family no matter what. I'm really close to my mom. I tell her everything. And when I don't tell her something bad that happened I always feel guilty and end up telling her. It makes me happy to know that she can listen and tell me that she's been in the same position.

4.This is a great question because my actions affect a whole bunch of people's happiness. Especially my parents. They hate to see my sad or in trouble. It's then when their parent instincts appear. Also my friends don't like to see me do stupid things or make stupid decisions.

5. My greatest need in life would be love. I always feel that I needed to be loved and this could be bad sometimes. Because if someone else does something wrong and they could be mad at me some how I will apologize just so they will calm down and won't be mad at me. I hate when I do this and I try not to but it just happens. I never not had a boyfriend or some special person in my life. And when I don't, I search. which is another thing I shoudn't do but do anyways.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Past Quarter

Wow this quarter has gone by fast....

1) I really have enjoyed writing poetry. Well actually short stories were ok when I knew what to write about. But yes poetry was my favorite because usually poems just come to me more easily and I don't have to think about introductions or conclusions.

2) My strongest piece of writing would have to be one of my poetry pieces. Like I said poems come to me more easily so it's more fun. I like to think about my past and my friends past to think of ideas. Also love is always a good subject. I have a lot of that happening in my life 24/7. About 3 years ago I used to keep a journal and I would write in it anywhere anytime. I filled three of them with stories, poems and drawings ( I wanted to be a tattoo artist so I would try to do some cool designs or something).

3) I found out that when I write other pieces other than poems I do have to have a lot of preparation. I'm not good at coming up with story plots on the top of my head. So I really think that all those prompts that we did helped with trying to figure out where to start.

4) I really don't know what I would like to pursue maybe non-fiction but I'm not sure. We could work on our own autobiographies. That would be interesting to hear everyone's story. I hate writing dialogue so plays and screenplays would be boring for me.